Fake mask-selling sites; scammers




It’s probably a small team operating these. They will even call you (on Saturday night) if you file a complaint. They’re well-versed in technology, and apt at avoiding detection. If you file a complaint with Facebook, it will be ignored, and any posts mentioning them will be taken down. They will hoard money as long as possible, and run before getting caught. I wonder when the law enforcement will catch these retromingent mofos.

Can we drastically reduce the community spread?

I wonder what it would take to have shopkeepers, cashiers, and others who regularly encounter customers in close proximity to wear masks (aka respirators.) The 2018 Cambridge pandemic study had found that these people categorically become superspreaders during an epidemic, and by having them either vaccinated (not an option for now) or isolated, we can reduce the number of infections by 40%.

I understand that the capacity to mass produce masks is limited here in the States, and the leaders have promoted policies, or public orders accordingly, so I’m not advocating that everyone wear masks, but I think it’d be a good idea to have these potential superspreaders to wear them.

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