TIL 2023-10-07

Mohamed Ghassen Nouira of Tunisia restored the ancient purple from oysters. It used to be called Tyrian Purple after the city of Tyre.

Japanese, Momotaro denims is handmade from real indigo and usually costs over $300 as of 2023. https://momotaro-jeans.com/

Damascus steel can made by folding steel over 1,500 or 3,000 times. Real ones cost at least $1,000. Cheaper counterfeits imprint on a regular steel and they can cost under $100.

Eggs has a highest quality protein and provides all kinds of nutrients that are missing in other friends.

37년만에 아시안게임에서 양궁 임시현 선수 3관왕

13년만에 역도 금메달, 박혜정, 인상 125kg, 용상 169kg, 합계 294kg

In the old days, sailors used to get scurvies due to the lack of vitamin C in their diets.

(Note: TIL = Today I Learned)