List of One Thousand Characters completed (천자문, 千字文 수록 끝)

천자문 한자 풀이와 설명 모집이 이제 끝났다.  1년 넘게 조금씩 해오다가 절반 이상을 다음 수업 시작하기 전에 한꺼번에 다 끝내 버렸다.  링크는 여기에.

I’ve completed the list of One Thousand Characters including all of the available, sound explanations in Korean.  I’m not sure how much of English translations I will be able to provide, but I’m thinking of completing it very slowly.  I have been completing little bit at a time, and then I’ve gone ahead and finished more than half of it before the start of a class next week.  You can find the listing here.