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Apartment price in Seoul jumped 52% in last 3 years


When Moon Jae-in took office, one of biggest promises was to lower the housing cost, but lo, behold, it has doubled during his presidency.

This is a classic example of impotent leadership. Many of his cabinet members, and including numerous leadership from his party have been proven guilty of owning multiple houses using different family members’ names, and by none other than those who had been outspoken about housing price reform.

President Moon had said that he’s confident about his administration reforming the housing price issue back in November of 2019
52% housing price jump compared to the last administration

China puts their last of the GPS satellites into orbit


China now has their own GPS system.

“Lan Chung-chi “BeiDou system” spokesperson

“It will be the world’s most useful satellite-based GPS system. In all metrics, it performs at the best, world-class level,” says Lan Chung-chi.

US currently has it’s original GPS, with improvements, Russia has GLONASS, and Europe has Galileo system. The Chinese system is called BeiDou, and currently at BeiDou-3/Compass.

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