Go sell your family short

Only care about your own hurt

Only be responsible for your own life

Be careless about your responsibility to your family

And be careless to those who were once close to you

Do whatever feels right to your own eyes

Follow your own pleasures

Go sell your family short

Put others between yourself and your own family

Blame the family for alienating you

Keep lying about how family treated you

Only recall the negative and forget the rest

Keep believing there is nothing wrong you’ve done

Don’t listen to your father

Don’t listen to your mother

Keep wasting your life

Keep yoking with pigs

And keep doing what comes easier for you

Rather than taking up the highest responsibility

Rather than doing the more important thing even if it’s difficult

Rather than doing the right thing even when it hurts

You’ve decided to listen to the devil

And do the worse thing because it hurts,

Because you don’t understand, and because you are a fool

May the wind of dust blow through all your life

May the locusts eat away decades of your life

May only tears fill your eyes with no end in sight

You have brought it to yourself

Because you decided not to forgive

Because you decided not to let go

That’s the very definition of hell

And you’ve decided to go there yourself

It’s never too late to turn to the right path

Forgive, and you will be forgiven

Repent, and you will be received