Neo-pagans worship their identities

But followers of Jesus worship God.

We’re in the full swing of neo-paganism where people worship their identities. In summary, ancient pagans worshipped wood or stone-made idols, whereas in our days, we worship our identities. Alan Bloom had raised warning lights for the U.S. back in 1980s, when African American studies, and other ethnic studies started to launch in higher education establishments across the U.S. The one directly experienced by Bloom himself was done by brute force at Cornell, in line with the ethos that had to the collapse of German universities by National Socialists several decades earlier. Soon after, likes of Thomas Sowell left Cornell. The same force that threatened academic freedom has begotten many more children since those pioneering decades. Akin to what had happened in Germany in 1930s, the words like “trigger warnings,” “safe spaces,” and “micro-aggressions” are thrown around as if they have any legal legitimacy to shut up any intellectually honest opinions, and if their demands aren’t met, they resort to violence. Until recently, I had no idea how invasive this disease was.

I was shocked to find a couple of my daughters in their late teens strongly identifying themselves as Koreans, almost as a foreign (to me) identity against the mainstream white culture. It isn’t even a true Korean identity, but a misshapen one unique to the US that derogatorily looks down on other Asians who are more assimilated to the US culture as being “white-washed” ?! Anyway, I could not understand why and how they’ve developed such ill-conceived notions about their own identity, and I was lucky enough to help correct for one, but with the pervasive nature of identity politics that have integrated into the US education system, I should have seen this coming earlier. They are taught that it’s all about their identity (however they have defined it themselves) and you can freely rebel against whatever you like in the name of pursuing that identity. You can apply that to being an Asian American, an African American, a lesbian, a trans-sexual, or whatever else you’d like to identify as, and that is the most important thing in your life and nothing else matters. This is what’s being taught to our own children nowadays. A thorough paganization of soul. Add a sprinkle of narcissism already pervasive with this generation on the top of this cake, and it’s hard not to ponder on this sublimity.