A passing thought on the nature of universe

In the satirical novel Flatland by Abbott, we were introduced to sentient beings in a two dimensional world. If a three dimensional, henceforth 3D, being had put his three fingers at that plane, those 2D beings would only see three lines and they would seem like they are moving independently if we wiggled our fingers randomly, but they, if sentient, would also conclude that the lines also move together as if they were a group when we moved our hands smoothly. This is also why nothing can be made secret to a 4D being, because, for example, a 2D sentient being would believe that hiding something behind a closed line, say a square, is secure, while the content is completely exposed to a 3D being. Imagine being able to experience past, present, and future simultaneously, and all of your thoughts exposed as if by a super mind-reading computer. A 4D being (we already are one, in a way) would be just that.

The quantum computer utilizes the entanglement property of quantum mechanics. Once two or more qubits are entangled a change in one would cause a simultaneous change in the other regardless of distance between them. This is a mere property of quantum mechanics, which is directly observable and we are now utilizing for practical purposes. It’s also a mere property of nature, because nature exists at a higher dimension, although our own experience is limited to three dimensional plane and we have yet to discover more quantum entanglements in nature. (It’s everywhere, it’s just that we don’t know which ones to pair together. IMHO, it’s much more closely entangled with multitudes of things in nature.) There was a paper, a couple of years ago, that hinted at this in photosynthesis, but we have a long way to go before we can understand this beyond just with photons. Photons tend to be much more predictable (with a better understanding of quantum mechanics,) and easier to experiment with.

The observable universe is probably a good sign of higher dimensions.

First off, the source of gravitational force is based in 4D or at a higher dimension, and that’s probably why physicists are having such a hard time unifying it with the rest of the forces in the current model. String theories try, and the math seems to point to 11D or even higher, which is another way to say that the source of fundamental forces in nature is much more complex that we can ever hope to imagine. The hubris of Enlightenment ideals is like a 2D being, having recently discovered a truth about nature, boasting about being able determine an arc simply by measuring the distance to each points of the line its seeing in front of it. We only know a thimble worth of ocean full of vast knowledge that is still far beyond us.

Secondly, more discoveries through the latest telescope in our orbit basically reaffirms the view that space is infinitely larger than we had ever imagined. This seems to be congruent with the multidimensional nature of the universe. It’s just another way of saying that infinity at the outer edge of visible universe is exactly what you would expect if the universe is merely a part of a higher dimension. Likewise, this probably means that galaxies we are able to observe are merely a complex unit of higher dimension not-yet-named-thing, if the source of gravity could be enumerated as such.

What does this all point to in my mind? If the biblical account of creation is correct, with no mumbo-jumbo of Deism or Theistic Uniformitarianism, then without paying any homage to the anthropic principle, the universe was created by God for us, so that we can glorify Him and enjoy His presence forever. You are wonderfully and fearfully created by Him. Enjoy the view of the heavens, created specially for us.