This is why 38North is a reliable source on NK. They provide in-depth analysis, and are able to predict the next move fairly accurately. It’s sad that such in-depth analysis has become more difficult to come by in Korean language itself. This is probably due to the political polarization in South Korea that has been in the works for so many years now. It was incredulous to find most of the media outlets, spineless political leaders, and so-called “think”-tanks ganging up on North Korean escapees for sending leaflets to help reveal truth to people living in North Korea. They’ve been doing this for decades now, and all of sudden, it’s a problem in South Korea only because North Korea made it a problem at an another level. The leaflets flowing in from North to South are mere propaganda based on lies, of course. I’m not sure why the political leaders in South Korea aren’t seriously thinking about moving to North Korea as a place of new residence. The received wisdom and experience of the past seems to have been defenestrated. As the old idiom goes, Korean political scene has become even more myopic like a frog inside a very small well. Seeing how the public is easily swayed to believe in an administration that has practically done nothing except to make boasts over a natural disaster, the public wisdom is no better.

“If history serves as any indicator, Pyongyang will eventually shift from its anti-South Korea campaign to the US. North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon already issued a statement on the second anniversary of the Singapore Summit that described the diplomatic window of opportunity as nearly closed due to many of the same grievances it has with Seoul.[13] North Korean media’s coverage of the US on June 25 will be a good indicator of how soon the North will start priming its populace for an anti-US campaign.”

A quote from the article below

North Korea’s Anti-South Korea Campaign from 38North.