What not to do as a new IT director

  1. Devalue existing employees
    1. by promoting someone that do not deserve promotions
    2. by putting forth product ideas that do not consider products already in use
    3. by hearing out all other inputs except the existing team directly reporting
  2. Promote a new product that “I” will be making
    1. with no due consideration of existing products because they are inferior to whatever product that “I” am going to be introducing
  3. Have existing developers resign or make exits through the means of attrition
    1. by giving all new, significant responsibilities to newer crew
    2. by reinforcing a false idea to the upper echelon of (IT) ignorant management that existing developers are incapable, and somehow out-of-date
    3. by continually reinforcing a message that someone new and better will be hired that will do the job better
    4. by continuing to hold meaningless weekly meetings that shut down all meaningful and creative inputs by repeatedly telling people that new, and more capable person will come in